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Here's a listing of sites with Olympic Games activities.

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The Olympic Games from Enchanted Learning. It's EL's usual peerless treatment - Olympics history, sports records, and all kinds of coloring, math, and other activities. It's from EL so you know it's good!


Olympic Games for Kids Crafts Preschool Lesson Plan Printable Activities from



OLYMPICS CRAFTS IDEAS FOR KIDS from Artists Helping Children. "How to make your own world olympics arts and crafts projects for the Winter Games & the Summer Games with the following decorations, instructions, patterns, and activities for children, teens, and preschoolers."


Summer Olympics Theme for Kids from Kid Activities. A thorough explanation of the sports of the Summer Olympic Games is followed by a listing of good crafts and activities.


A to Z Kids' Stuff has some activities, videos, and Olympic links. Don't be put off by their rather spare and spartan site layout, everything in here is good!


Olympics Crafts from Crafts, Jr. Bunches of craft ideas, instructions, and printables!


The Olympics from Primary Games offers games, plus coloring pages and other printables.


Ancient Greek Olympics Mr. Donn does his usual fine site for kids, this time covering the ancient Olympics. At the bottom are more links to sites about the ancient Olympics, and a listing of sites covering ancient Greece.


ABC Teach has a listing of Olympics printables, more if you subscribe.


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