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Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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 Page last updated 22 July 2021


This is supposed to be the worldwide total. Learners can expand
their knowledge base by researching these numbers and challenging
them if need be.


This little dude is five days old! He is an American Brittany.
His little tummy is full of mama's milk, so he is sleepy!

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An Osprey and a very territorial Redwing Blackbird.
The osprey is collecting sticks from a marsh for its nest.
Mr. Red-winged Blackbird doesn't like anyone taking
sticks from his marsh.

Steven Lee The Official Crow, Raven & Other Corvids Fan Page

More about red-winged blackbirds and their relatives.

More about ospreys

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Flying Dragons!
"Karen Bredesen-Maury wrote:
It was found in Southeast Asia and it's a flying lizard.
Yes, gentlemen, a dragon."

There are 40 species of these little gliders, all in genus Draco.
They are are native to the tropical forests of southeast Asia,
south China, and India; Indonesia and Malaysia, as
well as Singapore and the Philippine Islands. Some are
scattered over large areas in several countries.
Others live on only one island, like Palawan or Timor.
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Cicadas There are at least 3,000 species worldwide.
This link describes them in amazing, painstaking detail!
This giant is from Southeast Asia.

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Read this and think on it.

"What an astonishing thing a book is.
It's a flat object made from a tree
with flexible parts on which are imprinted
lots of funny dark squiggles. But one
glance at it and you're inside the mind of
another person, maybe somebody dead for
thousands of years. Across the millennia,
an author is speaking clearly and silently
inside your head, directly to you. Writing
is perhaps the greatest of human
inventions, binding together people who
never knew each other, citizens of distant
epochs. Books break the shackles of time.
A book is proof that humans are capable
of working magic."
Carl Sagan
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From First Grade Fun Times on FB
Going in New Readers and Readalouds


Mister Rogers Visits Eric Carle in his studio
11 minute video features Eric Carle demonstrating how
he made his beautiful graphics!

Going in Art and Early Learning


Amy Atwater, paleontologist, holding a T. rex jaw.
This is the upper jaw bone, full of huge, serrated
Tyrannosaurus rex teeth. These teeth are robust and
wide, not flat like a knife. This allowed T. rex to bite
through flesh and bone. This is a plaster cast of the
real jaw. Nobody could lift the real jawbone.
Going in Dinos & Paleo

A century ago, a prosperous Black neighborhood in Tulsa,
Oklahoma, perished at the hands of a violent white mob.
This 1921 photo calls this incident "race riots," which is
a label that seems to blame black people for it all.

Below is the link to a New York Times article that offers a
3-D interactive tour of Greenwood, the neighborhood where
this atrocity happened.
" Imagine a community of great possibilities and prosperity
built by Black people for Black people. Places to work.
Places to live. Places to learn and shop and play. Places to

Now imagine it being ravaged by flames."

Uncounted numbers of people killed and dumped in mass graves.
10,000 people burned out of their homes, businesses, schools,
and even their churches. Kind of like the Nazis did.

Virtual Tour of



Hi, kids! I'm Dakota! I am the newest Brittany here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lillian and I are American Brittanies, both
rescues, and are both South Dakota natives. When
we're not helping out on the site, we patrol outdoors,
chase rabbits and squirrels, woof at kids at the
playground, rack out on our beds, ask
and hang out with our humans!



dogs looking out the window

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