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This is our always changing list of recently added sites, plus the occasional oldie. 
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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 Page last updated 15 May 2021

Battle of the Coral Sea 1942. "Lest We Forget"
3 - 8 May 1942. May they Rest in Peace.

USS Lexington CV-2


Foucault Pendulum

"Due to the pendulums inertia, once started, it will
oscillate in the same plane forever. However, since
the pendulum is on Earth which rotates about its
own axis, from our rotating point of view the
pendulum’s plane of oscillation seems to be what’s
rotating. The period of rotation depends on your latitude
too: at the North Pole the pendulum rotates once a day
but at the equator it doesn’t rotate at all!"
Texas A&M Physics and Astronomy

Going in Astronomy Earth Science and Secondary Math



Going in Animals


Going in Animals



A patriot who served her country honourably
Going in Black History and Women's History


Going in Ancient History and Archaeology


This is not an archival photo. This is not a doctored photo.
This photo has not even been run through any filters.
I took this photo a few days ago.
The “A” means she was in Auschwitz.
(There was also a “B” series.)
This woman smiles at me everyday and says, “I love you!”
I don’t really know how she does it. I tell her that I love
her too, and I mean it.
Soon, they’ll all be gone. Auschwitz will just be the stuff
of history books. But right now, I can still touch it.
Let that sink in for a minute.
And then, remember it forever.
Never again. - Noah Budin


"This isn’t a painting. It is the most detailed image of a
human cell to date, obtained by radiography, nuclear magnetic
resonance and cryoelectron microscopy."

Going in Living Things


Lightning looks like it is  walking
That's lightning - an electrical discharge.
"Thunder" is the loud noise caused by the
effects of lightning.
Going in Weather


Oldest woven basket in the world found in Israel,
dates back 10,500 years

"The basket was found empty and closed with a lid.
Only a small amount of soil was retrieved in it and
the researchers hope it will help identify what the
vessel contained." Read the Jerusalem Post article
by clicking on the link or on the photo.
Going in Ancient History and Archaeology


A Simpler Time
Until 1920, children could be mailed through the US Postal
Service! They had to be under 50 pounds, and stamps
were affixed to their clothes. It was cheaper for many
people to ship children than to put them on a train, and
the children rode on a train (in the mail car) anyway---
being watched and fed by mail clerks. The record distance?
Over 700 miles from Florida to Virginia for a mere 15 cents
in stamps. It really was "A Simpler Time"'.
(courtesy of the Wall St. Journal)
Going in History


Meet Jonathan, The 187-Year-Old Tortoise
Photographed In 1886 And Today

Photos of old giant tortoise from 100 years ago and in 2020.

Going in Animals

i, kids! I'm Dakota! I am the newest Brittany here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lily and I are American Bittanies and are
both South Dakota natives. When we're not helping out
on the site, we patrol the outdoors, chase rabbits and
squirrels, woof at kids at the schoolyard, rack out on
the beds, ask for treats, and hang out with our peeps!



dogs looking out the window

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