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It's time for Diwali!
October 17 - 21, 2017

Rangoli artDivine Goddess Laxmi Rangoli art

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Happy Diwali

Diwali is the fall Festival of Light in the Hindu world.
Originally it was a harvest festival,
and a time for closing out the old year.
Other holidays clustered around Diwali, so the festival
now goes on for five days. (Take a week off!)







According to Days of the Year, October 2017 is
Dyslexia Awareness Month
This is a page you should read.

GSFK's own dyslexia section is here



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This is our ever changing list of recently added sites, plus the occasional oldie.
Generally, sites get added on the top and eventually get taken off the bottom.

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Page last updated 19 October 2017



There Are Now Adulting Classes to Teach You Basic Life Skills Yes, and we need them.
Do you remember the old saying: "It Only Takes One or Two Generations to Lose
Our Civilization?", which is why we teach children things. Well, it has already happened
in many areas of culture. A good example is driving a vehicle with a manual stick shift
transmission. Every competent adult (and plenty of kids) can drive an automatic
transmission - the worst that can happen is taking it out of D for Drive and putting in
in R for Race! With a manual, your body has to learn the skill, such as downshifting
going around a corner or when coming to a stop; or putting the old beast in second gear,
getting it moving around down the road, and letting clutch out very fast (popping the clutch)
to start the engine when the battery is flat. Can you fold a fitted sheet? Can you boil eggs?
Change a tire? Manage your time? Manage a checking account? This one minute video
wants to help. If you can teach a skill or three, please show others how.
Going in Life Skills



Grapic: "Got polio? M neither.  Thanks, science.
This is going in Health


The Geologic History of Earth. Note the timescales. We are currently in the Holocene, which has been
warm and moist and a great time to grow human civilization. But the activity of civilization is now
pushing the planet into a new epoch which scientists call the Anthropocene.
Source: Climate Change And The Astrobiology Of The Anthropocene at NPR by Adam Frank.
Click on this graphic to see it at its HUGE size! Then find the Jackalope!
Going in Dinos & Paleo and in Earth Science



Orionid Meteor Shower 2017: When, Where & How to See It from
"One of the year's best sky shows will peak between Oct. 20 and 22, when the Orionid meteor shower
reaches its best viewing. The meteors that streak across the sky are some of the fastest and brightest
among meteor showers, because the Earth is hitting a stream of particles almost head on."


A Newly Discovered Comet Will Make Its Closest Approach To Earth In Millennia This Month - Here's How To See It
from IFLS - and the comet is green!! Coming to a planet near you, October 18th.


Drone Captures Shark Migration It’s that time of year again: migration time. Every year thousands
of sharks flock to Florida’s shallow waters to eat, mate, and well… repeat. Hydrophilik shared a video to
YouTube that truly captures the majesty of the mass migration. Most likely a congregation of blacktip reef
sharks, the video was captured using a drone to hover over the clear blue waters between Fort Pierce
and Vero Beach, Florida. Spoiler alert: several brave surfers and manatee family also make an appearance.
Going in Animal Cams



Cat adopts baby hedgehogs Sonya the mama cat nurses her own kitten and four hedgehogs.
This 2:29 videos show newborn hedhogs, then discusses this mixed family.

Going in Animal Cams



Coyote or wolf? Can you tell the difference? A good observation quiz for students
from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. 20 questions, not super hard.

Students in North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico) will benefit most from this.
Students in Eurasia also have wolves, but no coyotes. The coyote niches in Europe
and Asia are filled by the jackals and other canids such as dholes. Coyotes feature
prominently as tricky villains in the folklore of the Native peoples of North America.
Going in Animals



ABC Helps Hummingbirds American Bird Conservancy 1:25 video.
Fierce, flying jewels, hummingbirds are simply amazing. Inspired to help? Get involved:
"We protect 200 species, over half of all species, across 16 countries, with a network of 70+ bird reserves, and nearly
1 million acres. With your help, we can do more." Beautiful photography. Going in Animal Cams



Viking Sword from the High Mountains of Norway "This Viking sword was found by reindeer hunters
at high altitude in the Mountains of Oppland County. It may have belonged to a Viking who lost his way
and died here 1100 years ago." It's a classic longsword, well made of good steel. It lay on the ground
for about 1,100 years. It did not rust away. Most of the time it was frozen hard in ice. Until
recently, this was a glacier. It was a pass between two villages. The ice melted due to global warming.
Glacier Sword 3
Full sized photos are available at the site. Click any photo to get there.

Going in Ancient History & Archaeology




Generation NEXT "Along with our charter partners, This Old House proudly supports the
mikeroweWORKS Foundation through our Generation Next campaign. Together, we're working to
close the skills gap by encouraging young people to master the vocational trades that built this country."

"The mikeroweWORKS Foundation started the Profoundly Disconnected® campaign to challenge the
absurd belief that a four-year degree is the only path to success. The Skills Gap is here,
and if we don’t close it, it’ll swallow us all. Which is a long way of saying, we could use your help…
Both these organizations offer job training and scholarships for construction and mechanical trades,
including electrician and plumbing.
"... get trained for skilled jobs that actually exist." Save your money, start out in half the time and
half the debt (or less). Don't sit around waiting for a job that will not pay the debts you already owe!
Read these two sites. Look over the sponsors. If you would rather work a hands-on job, your country
needs you! It is NOT demeaning to be a plumber, or a carpenter (many kinds), or a welder (many kinds),
or anything else that pays well. Going in Life Skills and Technology



How to Make a Hoop Glider from Science4Fun

"Planes that fly in air mostly have flat wings that hold them in air. Can a curled wing plane fly in air?
Let’s make an experiment to find out! What will happen if we replace the flat wings of a plane with hoops
and see how a plane with hoops can fly in air?" This easy experiment includes materials list,
assembly instructions, explanation of the physics involved, and variations student can try.
Excellent "stuff". Going in Earth Science and Technology


Going in Animal Cams




Two lynx arguing in the middle of a road - from Laughing Squid "Two angry lynx engage in a loud
yowling argument in the middle of a small road in the Maine woods. While traveling on a small road outside
of the Kokadjo Camps near Greenville, Maine, Tammy Mullen and her husband encountered the rather rare
sight of two angry lynx facing off. They came to a stop, opened the car door and heard the two big cats
loudly arguing with one another until one walked away, while still protesting loudly." - Laughing Squid
Youtube video of the same incident Going in Animal Cams


Science4Fun "Welcome to Science4Fun. It is the place for kids to learn science in a fun way. It has a wide variety of interesting science topics that are full of articles, and easy to do science experiments. All the content of the website is written in simple English with a lot of pictures to help you understand the concept easily.
I believe in learning science with doing experiments. Because when you do experiments, you will never forget about them. Science4Fun has a whole section which is devoted to the science experiments."
Fun Science Topics and Experiments are what this site is all about. Presently, there are 10 science topics, each of which branches out into subtopics. As promised, all are in simple English.
There are currently 18 experiments ready. These are simple, upper elementary level. Many of them will be familiar to teachers. That does not mean they aren't good, though! Each experiment is carefully explained, step-by-step, with a materials list and assembly instructions. Busy teachers will find the instructions easy to understand, and materials lists short and simple. Everyone likes short prep times.
The site itself is well made. The site map shows everything. This site is exceptional and can stand up to any similar site in the world.

Thanks to Abdul Wahab Malik, of Dadu, Pakistan, who graciously shares this site. Going in various places in Science and Nature Sites.



100 Common Myths and Misconceptions "The world's most widespread falsehoods - debunked!" The team at GeekWrapped has created a comprehensive infographic focusing specifically on 100 of the most common myths and misconceptions that are circulating the internet. The website’s founder Simon Saval explained: “It took our editorial team over two months to research, verify, write, and design the content. The result is that we have now published one of the most complete overviews of misconceptions.” - This is a BIG page! Enjoy! Going in Life Skills




Microsoft YouthSpark "Microsoft YouthSpark seeks to empower all young people, especially those most at risk to being left behind, by providing access to computer science education and digital skills needed to participate in a world transformed by technology.

Microsoft is committed to increasing access to computer science education. Through our global YouthSpark initiative, we partner with nonprofit organizations, schools, governments and other businesses to make more computer science education courses, trainings and resources available, so you can learn the computational thinking and problem-solving skills that will help you today and in your future.

Together with our partners, we’re working hard to make sure that that no matter where you live or what your background is — you have the opportunity to learn computer science and explore how it can help you achieve your goals and dreams."


Going in Life Skills

Assateague Island National Seashore
"Did you know that by just finding a mermaid's purse on the beach you can contribute to science?
Citizen science has always been an important part of collecting environmental data,
and when it comes to sharks, skates, and rays, scientists at The Shark Trust are asking for your help!
In order to study the distribution of different oceanic shark and skate species,
they are asking that you report your egg case finds online.

The first step if you are going to report an egg case is to identify it. Since the egg cases we find are usually dried out,
the first step in identifying one is to soak it in fresh water for a couple of hours.
(Don’t worry- if the egg case has already hatched, it won’t smell!) When soaking the egg case, you should make sure
to remove all the air from it so it sinks in the water. Once you have rehydrated your find, it’s time to identify it!

Head over to The Shark Trust’s website ( for a guide to the different types
of egg cases you can find on the Eastern Shore of MD &VA. The next step is to report your findings.
Be sure to get a picture, so they can confirm your report and add your report to their records!
(Text: Mark Bochner) (Photo: Shark Trust)

1) Look up the 4 fish named above and check them out!
2) Credit - Bevin Rose O'Grady

Going in Animals

Cuddle Berries - Nursery Rhymes & More All your favourite traditional nursery rhymes animated and set to music.
"Cuddle Berries helps create a fun filled environment of rhymes and rhythms for tiny minds.
An interactive platform for both parents and children to connect and reconnect to a sense of wonder
and joy with colours, shapes, words and sounds.

With Cuddle Berries, we will cater to children of younger ages, from a few months old to 6 years.
We have developed nursery rhymes, with world class animation. The appealing and colourful visuals
help a child engage and sing a long with a familiar rhyme and exciting music.

Research has shown children love to sway, move and get involved in variations in tones and vocal modulation,
sometimes even imitating sounds to communicate. Repetition of rhymes and singing helps a child develop language skills
and creates a desire to read and write. Rhymes with visuals help a child form word and sound associations.
Do enjoy the Cuddle Berries experience. Join us for a sing a long with your child!
Going in Early Childhood


Nine Places Where You Can Still See Wheel Tracks from the Oregon Trail Article by Jennifer Billock on Smithsonianmag
"The legendary trail has carved itself into American history—and, in some places, into the earth itself"
Rut traces amight be long and flat like the 1,000 feet of trail ruts near Rock Creek Station (Fairbury, Nebraska),
or the short but five feet deep Guernsey Ruts (Oregon Trail Ruts National Historic Site in Guernsey, WY), or the
steep and rocky one mile of ruts cut into a cliff at Biggs Junction, Oregon. See these and more at this site.
Can you imagine what it must have been like?



An aquifer is an underground layer of rock or soil that contains water. The water is held in the spaces between the rock or soil particles. There are two kinds of aquifer:

1. a confined aquifer is a water supply which is sandwiched between two layers of soil or rock that water can not pass through (impermeable layers),

2. an unconfined aquifer is a water supply that has an impermeable layer below it, but not above it. A confined aquifer that is under pressure is an artesian aquifer. The pressure can often push water to the surface in a well drilled into an artesian aquifer; usually wells need a pump to bring water to the surface from the aquifer they are drilled into.

We use aquifers as a source of drinking water and of water to irrigate crops or to use in industry, pumping water from the aquifer using a well. As with any container of water, pumping from the aquifer empties it--or at least decreases the amount of water it holds. Aquifers are refilled, or recharged, in areas where they are exposed on the surface of the earth. Water can re-enter the aquifer in these recharge areas. Going in Earth Science


Made w/ Code Superpowers come in all shapes and sizes. Discover a new superpower with code.This exercise was linked to the Google main page lst week. Wonder Woman helps you to learn code using an interface that reminded us of MIT's Scratch. Learn coding by plugging in commands. Reason out how many moves it will take; then test your coding and see if your guesses are correct. If not, find your mistake(s) and correct them until your programs what it needs to. After mastering the basics you can strive for elegance- do the sames tasks in fewer moves, for example.

Going in Logic and Probability and in Life Skills





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