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4Kids Games  Various good math and language arts games.   We found these games to be loud, fast, and good.


spinning gold star AAA Math New and improved with even more topics! An oldie but still growing and going. Many teachers think this is one of the best math sites for online learning. Covers K-8 Common Core math content requirements, always has. Generally, a short tutorial is followed by practice activities - open or times at the teacher's choice. Available on CD, too! Now with sections for Geography (US States, Countries), Spelling, Vocabulary,(both at AAASpell) and Sudoku! Este sitio también está disponible en Espanol - Clique aqui. Flashcards and more!


Arcademic Skill Builders has math and word games ready to play online. You may recognize some games from the '80s and '90s here. Seem to remember playing them on TI-99s and Apples, and they are still good for today! Browse by subject and grade. Subjects include Language Arts, Spelling, Geography, and 12 kinds of mathematical skills. One player, or up to 12 players at once, online. Worth your time to look these over.


Base 10 Activities from Grain Valley School District, Missouri. This is a short online list of units and tens games for primary kids.


Basic Shapes Video from Kids Math Games Online. "Learn about basic shapes with this great video for kids. Help children understand a range of important shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, hexagons and more. How many do you know? Check out the video and find out!"


Cats in Line from Jan Brett lets kids pick out the position of the orange cat in a line of cats. There are 10 lines of cats.


Chip Abacus from NLVM This is no longer free and does not use Java. You have to buy the new app from NLVM.
Great for comparing ones, tens, and hundreds! The arrow keys do the work. Example: Put 11 units counters in the ones column. Click the left arrow and you get one marker in the tens column and one still in the units column. You can move back and forth between units, tens, and hundreds, building up and breaking down as needed. Just play with it and see.


Common Core math, explained in 3 minutes from Vox. Well done 3 minute video. Besides the video, there's a card stack of 18 cards that explain Common Core in great and non-confusing detail (think PowerPoint slides, only without PowerPoint). If you watch this unbiased, you'll know where the Common Corps advocates are coming from.


Cookie from Gudlidotcom "Provides Free online learning games, Educational lessons plans, Kids learning games, Free games for kids, Worksheets Etc. Gudli is the best free online games website including many categories like learning games, kids games, math games, puzzle games, science games etc. which are free to use for 'Early childhood Education' and 'pre-school Education' for kids.... Gudli is a unique online experience for kids where they enjoy learning. With our interactive educational games children develop skills in maths, logic, memory, words, creativity and more. Gudli is free, full of fun, easy to use and the ideal learning space for preschoolers to second grade kids." Well, the proof of the pudding and all that: all the activities are colorful, musical, and informative. There are plenty of games and videos, this is a great learning site and will make a fine addition to Good Sites for Kids. Thank you, Neeta Saini, for the email!



Counting for pre-K - 1st grade.
Count the puppies! How many puppies?

credit = Woof Woof page on Facebook


New Site
Count MORE puppies!


New Site

Connect the dots! Dot-to-dot for all ages!

Oh, My Dots is very intuitive to use. You can play
the games online, share, download and print. Apart
from the classic games with numbers and letters, you
can create games with any sequence, like the examples below:

* Prime numbers up to 50 -
* 7 times table -
* Roman numerals up to 20 -
* Solar system -

The site is completely free. You don't need to register or enter
your e-mail address to create games.


Flag of NetherlandsEducational games from Digipuzzle. "On this page you can find the overview of the educational games from All games can be played full screen on a PC, a tablet (Android Tablets, iPad, etc) or mobile phone (Android, iOS)." Here's a diverse group of kids' games, from numeracy to multiplication, with some early language arts, some geography, time, hieroglyphics, and some money math. Here they are by subject with the number of games in parentheses:

  • Multiplication (8)
  • Addition (7)
  • Subtraction (2)
  • Fractions (3)
  • Learn to count (7)
  • Kindergarten games (2)
  • Language (3)
  • Topography USA (5)
  • Topography Europe (2)
  • Clocks (4)
  • History (2)
  • Money games (3)
  • A big Thank You to Marcel van de Wouw. These are nice!



    Downloads  Elementary Free, good, downloadable math and grammar games!


    Downloads   Flash Cards free download game for Windows only. This is a great game. "It's a simple flashcard program that covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You can select any one of the operations to practice on, or have the program mix them up. Though the default is 10, facts up to 100 are selectable. Version 3.0 includes the ability to practice fractions. A timer or a clock runs in the background, and a count of correct/incorrect answers is displayed. This program is freeware. Enjoy."


    Fun Counting Games for Kids from Kids Math Games Enjoy kids counting games online and help improve your math skills. Perfect for students in early grades of school, these interactive games and activities offer fun challenges that kids will love.


    Fun Kids Online Math Games from Sheppard Software. Many action math games for elementary and middle school ages.


    ICT Games This is an English site containing many great elementary school math games! We were impressed by the great number of games and the diversity of subject matter. Our K-1's enjoy Whack a Mole, a numeral recognition game. Thank you, James Barrett, for designing and coding all these.


    Johnnie's Math Page Links to Interactive Math Tools and Activities for Students and Teachers from Kindergarten through Middle School. "I mentor elementary teachers in math teaching and learning and originally built this resource for them. It was popular so I've made it available to teachers and kids across the country. If you could let students and teachers know about this resource, it would be greatly appreciated." No problem!


    Jumpstart is a familar name with subscription games and free goodies, too. A good sized free pdf worksheet section and more besides. Mostly for the younger set.


    KA has 100 free games indexed alphabetically; and by grade (pre-K - 6), subject (the 3 Rs plus Animals and Science), age (toddler to 12), and arcade games. There are mobile games, too. Down at the bottom there's an idex of all three sites' game, activities, worksheets, curriculum, resources list, and lesson plans.


    KS1 Bitesize Numeracy For elementary students. Eleven math games, each of three levels of difficulty. Cartoon characters, action, speech, and music. These games cover: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, ordering sequences, place value, money (British), length & weight (metric), time, 2-d and 3-d shapes & symmetry, and organizing data. Very good learning activities that our elementary students actually like! The BBC excels again!


    Turtle Diary Kindergarten Math Games collection from Turtle Diary has about 60 games for young ones.
    Colorful, loud, will hold interest.



    Little Discoverers: Big fun with science, math, and more! Sesame Street's STEM for early learners. This is a combination of games and videos for all six of the covered concepts: Experiments, Sink or Float, Measurement, States of Matter, Force and Motion, and Engineering. The concept buttons are arranged 3X2 on the sides of the video player. Each concept has 6 - 8 games and videos along the bottom of the screen, for kids to check out. Nicely arranged and does a good job of covering the very basic introductions to these concepts and ideas.


    Math Blaster the venerable game is now an online math learning station! The bulk of the online activities are subscription only, but there are oodles of downloadable pdf worksheets, sorted by grade level and by the basic operations.


    spinning gold star Math Worksheets Land "We now have over 4,000 PDF files that total over 12,000 printable pages. 100% free as always! Funny thing, I'm no where near done." At least a page on each of 40 math topics - everything from Kindergarten Math to Logarithms, Linear Equations, Polynomials, Scientific Notation... Also indexed by grade level. Aligned to the Common Core standards. FREE pdf files to download/print! Thanks for the emails from "Julia, Retired Middle School Math Teacher, Mom of 3, Grandma of 4, and Tired"


    Memory Games from Kids Math Games. Play Simon, as well as various memory match games.


    Mothmatic as in ARITHmatic not AUTOmatic. Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and fractions games for grades 1 - 6. Funny, cute, animated insects fill every exercise. We also liked the multiple choice format. " Free to use animated Math games for Kids." These give quite a good drill! Thank you, Craig Gibson, for your email about your site! Those insects must have been fun to draw and code!


    National Library of Virtual ManipulativesInteractive online manipulatives for preschool through high school! Broken out by grade level and subject matrix. This is a great site!


    Number Time This fun elementary site has songs about math signs and number lines. Also has the Addem video series, about Addem's mathematical adventures with his ant friends. Several good math games such as "Snakes and Ladders" and "Test the Toad" (number line practice). Check the menu on the left of the page for more games and options. Part of the vast, excellent BBC Schools site.


    Ordinal Numbers from Turtle Diary starts with a one-minute video using kids in line to explain the concept. Then there are several pages (keep clicking the Next button at the bottom of the screen) of easy exercises to reinforce learning. This one talks! We can pretty much guarantee your child will understand ordinal numbers after this marathon! Part of TD's Kindergarten Math Games collection.


    Place the Penguin from the BBC's superb KS-1 Starship site. Dave the Penguin helps to put penguins in the proper ones, tens, or hundreds spot on number lines. Gentle introduction to number lines with a helpful and forgiving character.


    place value math song: ones, tens, hundreds is a colorful singing YouTube video from Mr. R. at, should be helpful helping kids remember simple place values. It uses unit cubes, ten rods, and hundreds planes.


    Place Value Games from Family Learning in the UK, is a collection of links to ten sites that help kids reinforce place value skills. "When children have mastered counting up to ten or twenty and are ready to work with larger numbers, these place value games will help them to develop an understanding of how place value works." Wide variety of games approach the concept in different ways.


    Play To Learn "... designed to teach K-5 math skills." These are now apps for mobile platforms only. Available only for iPhones and Android. Interactive games to tell time, count money, add, subtract, multiply, and divide. Thanks, "Mr. Dustin."

  - Online Quizzes, Tests, Trivia, Worksheets, and Free Games "... provides math quizzes for teachers and students. You can create a quiz and select the range of numbers you'd like to use. Students can grade the quiz online and generate new problems for more practice." Quizzes for all four elementary operations, plus times table quizzes and a nice metric conversion chart. There are also children's literature, science, and geography quizzes. Secondary students can practice metric conversions, some middle school science, and world geography. Thanks to John @ for the email!


    Saxon Math - Basic Facts Practice   If kids need to drill, this site is the place to do it! Very good and well organized site. Part of Saxon's always good online activities. In these times when many public schools are discouraging math drills, sites like this one become essential for your child's math education. (Please do not blame the teachers, it is not their fault.)


    Seashell Rounding Activity Page from Jan Brett gently introduces/reinforces the math concept of rounding. Kids may repeat each of the 10 problems as often as necessary. Beautiful art, of course.


    Skip Counting from Math is Fun. Learn to skip count by 2s, 5s, 10s, 3s, and 4s! Easy to play games let kids get lots of practice. This page explains the concept well, too. Part of a huge site you should check out.


    Spacey Math from Learning Planet. Choose one of the four elementary operations and go! Shoot the spaceships by answering problems correctly.


    Starship Maths KS-1 level mathematics games from the BBC. Covers basic operations, "before & after" numbers, counting money, equations, equivalency, greater or less than, "how much more" (missing quantity) calculation, metric cooking measurements and scale use, missing signs, number order, odd and even numbers, place value, rounding, shapes, simple fractions, symmetry, more. Great stuff, new games every time kids play.


    Sumdog "Free Games to Make Math Fun" Very popular in local schools, kids want to play it all the time. Log in or play as guest, "Everything on Sumdog is free except for progress reports.". Areas for kids and for their teachers. Kids start out training and progress through different levels via games. Games cover +, -, *, \. Teachers can can 1 - create a free account, then 2- Set up your school, 3- Create & print student logins, 4 - Students log in and play, 5 - Take part in local contests, 6 - Create a student activity. Pricing: "A class subscription covering 30 students costs $60 per year." They also have school discounts and district subscriptions.



    New SiteTeach Math with Legos! Also known as "An Incredibly Effective Way To Develop Your Child’s Math Skills With LEGO Blocks",
    as shown in DYT. "School teacher Alycia Zimmerman regularly uses Lego to help develop basic math skills among her pupils.
    Lego blocks, she finds, offer a great opportunity to explain fundamental math concepts and calculations in a way which is
    immediately understandable for young minds."
    Lego Math

    "So for those who can’t find the right words or who find they haven’t got the patience to help with their kid’s math homework,
    here are a few examples which Alycia uses. Each and everyone of them is incredibly simple, but seriously effective."

    Examples shown in the article include: Parts vs. whole; Fractions; Square numbers; and Exploring mean, median, mode, and range.


    Turtle Diary is similar to Cookie in site layout, content and mission - it has games, read-alouds, ESL activities, mathematics, science, art, puzzles, printables, arts and crafts. Designed for pre-K through 5th grade, ages 5 - 11. Great site!



    Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks "solve." In addition to the answers, Webmath also shows the student how to arrive at the answer. Covers Kindergarten up through calculus and financial mathematics.


    New SiteFeatured on - If you still haven't been to MrNussbaum, go look it over!:

    Will and his Happy Hamstars is a K-1 math game. Save the Hamstars by solving easy math problems.
    PLEASE watch the How to Play Video before you try this out.


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