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The unimaginably ancient oceans of Deep Time

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New SiteTrilobites, like the ones fossilized here, emerged more than 500 million
years ago in what’s called “the Cambrian explosion,” a period when large numbers
of novel species with skeletons, eyes and limbs evolved with remarkable
suddenness. Trilobites are so called because of the three parts, or lobes, of
their bodies. From Morocco. Credit : Andrew A. Sicree #GeologyHere #Fossil
From Geology of the World and the Environment, on Facebook.


Beautiful fossil of a trilobite from 420 - 430 million years
ago. Way before Dinosaurs existed.

"Here is the Phacopid trilobite Dalmanites limulurus from
the Lower Silurian (Wenlockian) Rochester Shale of
Caleb's Quarry, In Middleport, New York state."


TRILO - the 4:19 action movie!


The Cast of Trilo

1- Anomalocaris

2- Rugose coral

The world of Trilo


About trilobites

270+ million years of trilobites

Their amazing eyes

Their many lifestyles and body plans




Trilobite descendants?, relatives?, modern look-alikes

More about Deep Time