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3 Perfect Papercraft Projects for beginners

printerest buttonThree "Ways to get yourself ungrounded" sample letters

Three Sisters: Companion Planting of
North American Indigenous Peoples

3D Animated Version Of Solomon’s Temple

5 Minute English

6 Fascinating Places to See the Fibonacci Sequence

6 stinking cool facts about dog noses

10 Cleaning Skills Your Kids Should Learn


13 Writing Prompts for Kids

15+ Sure-Fire Tips for Calming an Angry Child

19 Free Resources to Learn Computer Science, Programming and Coding

20 Activities for Kids to Do During Earth Month

20 Idioms About Money

20 Mother’s Day Keepsake Gifts That Kids Can Make

21 GIFs That Explain Mathematical Concepts

The 25 Best Art Materials for Kids!

25 Things from Everyday Life in the Middle Ages

40+ iPad Apps for Reading Disabilities

40 maps that explain the Roman Empire

40 maps that explain World War I

50 Halloween Craft Ideas For Preschool

50 States

50 States in 10 Minutes

66 Things You Can Grow In Containers!

75 TV Free Activities For Toddlers

139 Old Norse Words That Invaded The English Language

150 Christmas Crafts for Kids to Do

200 Free Kids Educational Resources

printerest button1,000+ Ideas About Education

100,000 Digits of Pi

128,000 Dominoes Falling


AAA Math


AKC for Kids

The ABCs of Hand Tools


ABC Helps Hummingbirds

A catte (Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth I)

A Day in Pompeii

A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep

A Kid's First Soccer Site

A Matter of Degrees

A SIMPLE Handwriting Trick

A World of Myths - Mythology from Around the World

A to Z Teacher Stuff

Abbott & Costello: Who's On First

Abraham Lincoln Research Site

Acids, Alkalis, and the pH Scale

Aciqra, a virtual sky map

The Acropolis of Athens

Activities for ESL Students

Activity Village


Afterschool Training Toolkit


African Black Eagle Live Webcam

Alaska Department of Fish and Game Virtual Wildlife Viewing


Algebra (Point plotting and line graphing) from FunBased Learning

Alligators and Crocodiles at Enchanted Learning

All About Measurement

All About Owls from Enchanted Learning

ALL ABOUT WHALES! from EnchantedLearning.com

All (known) Bodies in the Solar System

All Science Fair Projects

Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle

Alphabet Match from Learning 4 Kids

Alphabet Song video from Sesame Street

Amazon Explorer

Amazon yellow-headed parrot

Ambassador Wolves

American Cetacean Society Fact Sheets

American Cheetah

American Phrases and Sayings

American Presidency Project

American Rhetoric

American Sign Language Learning Aid

American Table Manners

An Object at Rest

Anatomy and Functional Areas of the Brain

Anatomy of a Refrigerator

Anatomy of a Scene

Ancient China

Ancient Egypt Online

Ancient Greece

Ancient Greeks from BBC Primary History

Ancient History section of Good Sites for Kids

Ancient History and Archaeology web page

Ancient History   the BBC site

Ancient India

Ancient Japan

Ancient Mesopotamia for Teachers Lesson Plans & Activities

Ancient Rome

Ancient Rome for Kids from Mr. Donn.

Ancient Rome for Kids - Free Games and Activities from Mr. Donn.

Ancient Romans from BBC Primary History



Animal Bytes from the San Diego Zoo.

Animal Cams from South Africa

Animal Corner

Animal Diversity Web

Animal Fact Guide

Animal Facts from Canadian Geographic

Animal Information

Animal Jam

Animal Planet

Animal Sites section of Good Sites for Kids

Animals from the BBC

Animals from National Geographic

Animals section of KidsKnowIt

Animals and Classification Unit

Animals at the Smithsonian's National Zoo

Animals that you didn't know existed

Animated Biographies

Animated Knots by Grog™

Animated Map: The Western Front, 1914 - 1918

Animated map of what Earth would look like if all the ice melted

Antimatter Explained

Anti-Phishing Phil



Apostrophes - How To Use An Apostrophe

Apostrophes 101

Apparent Temperature Information

Apples4theteacher.com - A Primary Website


Arabia Steamboat Museum

Arbor Day Foundation Youth Education

Arcademic Skill Builders

Archaeologists Unearth Buddha Statue in
Ancient Egyptian Port City

Archaeologists Uncover 400-Year-Old Skeleton in Sister Colony to Jamestown

Archaeology the BBC site

Archaeology for Kids

Archiving Early America


Arctic Library


ARKive Education

Around the World - Holidays

Art Hub for Kids

Art of Asia

Art Sites section of Good Sites for Kids

Art Zone

Arthropod Story




Ask an Astronomer

Ask Doctor Grammar

Assateague Island National Seashore

Asteroid 2011 MD

The Asteroid Belt Explained: Space Rocks by the Millions (Infographic)

Astro for Kids




Athabasca University ESL Course

Atlanta Homeschool on Pinterest

Atlantic Walrus from NatGeo

Zoom Astronomy

Astronomy for Kids

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Astronomy Section of Good Sites for Kids

2023 Astronomy Calendar with Monthly Highlights

Astronomical Glossary Quick and handy online reference,


Athropolis Links page


Atmospheric Optics

Aussie Kids Songs

Australian Animals

Australian Animals - Our Animals

Australian Explorers

Australian Fauna

Australian History Timeline

Australian Slang

Authors and Reading

Authors Who Skype with Classes & Book Clubs (for free!)

Avro's Adventure



BAM! Body and Mind

BBC - Literacy Place

BBC Little Animals Activity Centre - Story Bear

BBC Main School Site

BBC 'Money' Games

BBC Schools

BBC Schools Science

BBC Skillwise

Baby elephant learns to use her trunk

Baby owl and toy sing Monster Mash

Baby Rhino’s Walk Will Make You Smile!

Back to School—Is Your Child Fully Vaccinated?

Bad teeth and heart disease

Badlands National Park


Balancing Act from PhET

Baldwin Project

Balloons and Static Electricity

Banking Explained – Money and Credit

Barbegal aqueduct and mill

Base 10 Blocks

Base 10 Box

Basic Shapes Video

Basic Venn Diagrams

Bats of Jewel Cave

Battle of Antietam

Battle of Kadesh and the First Peace Treaty

Battle of Jutland Animation

Battle of Midway

Battleship Numberline from BrainPop

The Bayeux Tapestry

Bayeux Tapestry - Animated Version

Bear Cam

Bear Cam at Brooks Falls, AK

Beef Cuts and Recommended Cooking Methods

Before you cut the grass, check for baby rabbits

Bembo's Zoo

Bessie Coleman

Best Alternatives to PowerPoint

Best Bones Forever! (BFF)

The best cat videos come from the wild

The best cosmic events coming up in 2015


Between the Lions


Big Cats

Billion-Story Building

Biology/Living Things


Biology Corner

Biology, The Study of Life On Earth from KidsKnowIt

Biology Games from KidsKnowIt


Biomes from UC Santa Barbara

Biomes from Enchanted Learning

Biomes of the World from Marietta College

Biomes of the World - What's It Like Where You Live?

Biomes Lessons


Bird Cams

Birds in the Classroom

Birds of Paradise

Zoom Birds

The Bishops School

Bison Cam at Plains Bison Water Hole

Biz Kid$

The Black Death

The Black Death: Bubonic Plague

Black Hawk Elementary's hotlist

Black Hills and Badlands

Black Hills Institute of Geological Research

Black Hills section of Good Sites for Kids

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

'Black Marble' satellite images of Earth unveiled - in pictures

Blue Origin Crew Capsule Escape Test Goes Flawlessly

The Book of Kells Online


Brain Teasers

Brain Workshop

BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology Educational Site

Bridge to Classroom

Brief History of Assyrians

A brief history of time zones

Bright Ideas: Sticky Note Summaries

Brilliant Brushers

Brown Bear & Salmon Cam - Brooks Falls from explore.org

Buddy benches

The Buffalo Chasers

Buffalo (Bison) Education from the InterTribal Bison Cooperative

Bug and Insect Crafts for Kids

Bugs That Live on You

Build A Cell from Spongelab

Build a Fish

Build a Toy Car

Build Your Own Kaleidoscope

Building A Classroom Community and Bully-Free Zone

Bullfrog Dad Protects His Tadpoles

Bullying from BrainPOP Junior.


Burrowing Owl

Butser Ancient Farm

Butterfly Guide

Butterfly Utopia

Butterfly Website

Monarch Butterfly photos

Zoom Butterflies


CIA World Factbook

CPM home page

Cahokia Mounds official site

Cahokia Mounds site

Cal Ripken. Sr. Foundation

California Condor

Camera in the dishwasher

Canada and World War I

Cape Buffalo

Cape Griffon Vulture Rehab

Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site

California Condor

Camp H


Carolina Wild Dogs

Cartography resources

Castles on the Web

The Cask of Amontillado

Cat adopts baby hedgehogs

Catching the Light

Cat Breed Profiles

Cat Species

Cats in Line from Jan Brett

Causes of World War I, Causes of WW I, and WW I PowerPoint

CELLS Alive! 


Celestia Motherlode

Center for Young Women's Health, Boston Children's Hospital

The Central Importance of Play


Chandra X-ray Observatory

Change Maker from Funbrain

Chanukah/Hanukkah for kids!

Chapel in the Hills

Charlotte Holter's portaportal

Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave  

Challenges for gifted & talented

Charles Haskell Elementary

Cheetah with a GoPro

Cheetahs - Have You Ever Wondered How Cheetahs Can Run So Fast?

Chegg Homework Help


Chembalancer and Element Quiz from FunBased Learning

Chemical and Physical Change Lab

Chemistry for Grades 11-12 from Curriki

Chemistry From Curriki

Chemistry of Diamond Rings

The Chemistry of Matches (In Super Slow Motion)

Chemistry Vocabulary

Chess For Kids - from ThinkQuest


A chick has been hatched outside its shell

Chicken Soup With Rice

The Children's Literature Web Guide


Children's Books Forever!


Children's Books Online - The Rosetta Project

Children's Music Web

China Lands Rover on The Moon

Chinese Zodiac

Chip Abacus

Choosy Kids

Christmas in the Middle Ages

ChuChu TV Nursery Rhymes

Cicada molting video

Cinco de Mayo Activities for the Classroom

Cinco de Mayo from Apples4theteacher


City of Deadwood Home Page

City of Rapid City, South Dakota Home Page

Civil Rights Movement Veterans

The Civil War for Kids


Classics for Kids

Classifying Animals (and plants, and all other living things)

Classroom Resources

Clearest Way to Teach Moon Phases...EVER!

Clifford Interactive Storybooks

Climate Science from Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program

Clock & Telling Time Games - All Free and Online

Clockmaker from Mr. Nussbaum

Clockworks from KS1 Bitesize Numeracy

Club MLB

Cnidarians: Simple Animals with a Sting! 

Coconut Crab

Coconut Octopus

The Coelacanth: Five Fast Facts

Colgate Kids World

Color Vision and Art

The Color Vowel Chart


Coloring for kids

Colouring Page


Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages 24

Columbia Education Center

Common Core math, explained in 3 minutes

Common Errors in English Usage

Comparison of Recent and Historic Earthquakes by Energy Release

Comparative and Superlative Adjectives from TalkEnglish.com

Computer Lab Favorites from Scholastic.com

Constellation Hunt from KidsAstronomy

Constellation Links for Kids from Athropolis

Constellation Photos

Constellations and their Stars

Constellations from Chandra

Constellations from Enchanted Learning/Zoom Astronomy


Container ships

Continents: A Student's Resource

Conversation Pieces: Building Bright Ideas


Cookie from Gudlicom

Cool Coloring Pages

Cool Cosmos

Cool School

Cool Zone for Kids


Coolmath Algebra 1

Coolmath Algebra 2

Cool School Now an online game!

Cosmic Clean


Could you pass a US citizenship test?

Count the Money

Counting Change from Quia

Counting Money from ABCya!

Counting Money from Harcourt

Counting Money from Northpole

Coyote or wolf?

Crafts and Activities for Chinese New Year


Crazy Horse Memorial Official site

Create a Bird

Create a Car

Create a Graph

Creating Music

Creature Features from National Geographic Kids

Creepy Desert Creatures!

Christmas Around the World - Christmas Cultures

Critical Thinking (video)

Critter Cam from National Geographic

CROCODILIANS - Natural History & Conservation


Cuddle Berries - Nursery Rhymes & More


Cursive Monsters

Custer State Park



Cyberchase Games Central



D-Day Invasion of France, WW II.

DLTK Kids Coloring

DNA explained via a beautiful animation

DNA Interactive

Dahlgren School hotlist

Daily Coloring Pages

Daily Writing Prompt

Daily Writing Prompt from Writers Write Creative Blog

Daily Writing Prompts from The Teacher's Corner

Dance Mat Typing

Dark history of the overthrow of Hawaii

Davidson Institute for Talent Development

Dawn Spacecraft Visits Dwarf Planet Ceres

Dazzling galactic diamonds shine in new Webb telescope image

D.E.A.R. Day 

Deborah Healy's Tech Tips

Decorah Eagle Cam

Dear Parents, You Are Being Lied To

Deductive Reasoning vs. Inductive Reasoning

Deep Sea Images

Deep Time

Dendrochronology from the NPS

Density page

Design Your Own Bill

Dental Games For Kids

Dental Health

Developing Biology From Curriki

Dew Point Calculator


Diagramming Sentences

Dig It Up: Romans from BBC Primary History

Digital Karnak

Digital Map of the Roman Empire



Dino Directory

Dino Quiz

Dinosaur Art

Dinosaur Defender

Dinosaur Dig

Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur Fact

Dinosaur Fun

Dinosaur Games from Kaboose

Dinosaur World

Dinosauria Online

the Dinosaurs

Zoom Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs & Paleo section of Good Sites for Kids

Discovery Education

Discovery Kids

Dive and Discover

Do You Know More Grammar than a Fifth-Grader?


Dog drinking water in ultra slow motion

Dolch Word Lists from Jan Brett

Dolch words page from Education Oasis

Dollar-a-Glass Game from BizKids

Dome of the Sky

Donald Trump Caterpillar


Doolittle Raid Over Tokyo (Newsreel)

Douglas School District

Dove® Movement for Self-Esteem

Download a Dinosaur

Downloads section of Good Sites for Kids

Dragon Tales Magic Storybook

DragonflyTV Kids Do Science - Glo Germ


DRAGONFLY | Animals For Kids

The insane biology of the dragonfly

A dragonfly singalong

Dragonfly wiping rain drops from face

Dragonflies - Amazing Creatures!

Dragonfly life cycle Two minutes

Insects Life Cycle Dragonfly Read Aloud Science Story

The Dipping Dragonfly - Read Aloud Kids Book -
A Bedtime Story with Dessi! - Story time

How To Draw A Realistic Dragonfly

Drawing for Children.

Did Lead Poisoning Cause Rome's Downfall?

The Dromaeosauridae The “raptors”

Drone Captures Shark Migration

Dueling Dinosaurs

Dyslexia information


Dystopias: Definition and Characteristics




e-Learning for Kids

eLibrary.SD71 Home Page

EFL/ESL Games for Kids

EPA's Kids' Club

ESL Lessons & Help from WyzAnt Tutoring


Decorah, Iowa Eagle Cam

Eagle Cams from Hancock Wildlife

Eagles Internet Resources

Early British Kingdoms for Kids

Early Cats Traveled with Vikings and Farmers

Early Learning from Learning Planet

Early Learning section of Good Sites for Kids!


Earth 100 Million Years From Now

Earth As Art

Earth Day from EcoKids

Earth Day from Kaboose.com

Earth Day from Pocantico Hills School

Earth Day from Primary Games

Earth Day from Sheppard Software

Earth Day Activities from DLTK

Earth in the Universe

Earth Science for Schools from Moorland School

Earth seen from the International Space Station – timelapse video

Earth Systems Science Curriculum

Earth Wind Map

Earth's Seasons

Earthquakes from the US Geological Survey

Earthquakes for Kids


Early Cats Traveled with Vikings and Farmers

Easter Fun from Billy Bear

Easter Fun from FunSchool

Easter Fun from Squigly's Playhouse

Eastern Mound at Karanovo

Easy Reading from Cookie

Eating Expressions ESL Vocabulary Quiz

New Ebola Vaccine Gives 100 Percent Protection

Ebola information for kids from KidsHealth

Ebola information for parents from KidsHealth

Echos d’école

Eclectus Parrots

Ecology (98 page pdf file)

Ecology Asia

Ecosystems from NatureWorks

Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program


Education Oasis

Education corner®

Education Place

Education Place: Spelling and Vocabulary

Educational Online Computer Software and Games


Edu Gain "Learn Smart"



Egg Dropping Activity

Egyptian Mathematics Numbers Hieroglyphs and Math problems for kids

eIditarod Project

Elementary Math Games

Elementary Software.com

Elephant Odyssey

Elf Academy

Ellis Island

Ellsworth AFB public site

eNature Field Guides

Enchanted Learning (the Zoom sites)

Encyclopedia Interactica

Encyclopedia of Life

Endangered species

Endangered species: games and how you can help

Endangered Species - World Wildlife Fund

Endangered Species and Conservation Biology

Energy Kids featuring Energy Ant

Energy Hogbusters

Engineer Girl

Engineer Your Life

Engineering Interact

English for early years

English listening exercise from Multimedia-English


Enormous Asteroid Discovered Last Week Will Whizz Past Earth On Halloween

Environmental websites for kids from EarthEasy

September Equinox

eSky The Electronic Sky

Environment Canada Wind Chill Chart

Eurasian Hoopoe

Evolution Teachers' Guide

Evolutionary Anachronisms

Evolve or Perish Board Game

Exmoor Pony



Explore.org's Live Cams


Explore Mars! from NASA/JPL.

Explore the River Interactive Game from the Amazon Voyage at the Miami Museum of Natural History

Exploring Planets in the Classroom hands-on science activities

Exploring the Science of Light

Explorers and adventurers from Scots and Canada

Extreme Science

Extreme Science’s Animal Kingdom

exZOOberance - Celebrating the Animal Kingdom!

Eye Test– Free colour vision test

Eyes Have It, The

Eyes on Exoplanets

Eyes on the Solar System


FEMA Games for Kids

FSI - Fraud Scene Investigation presents Suitable Investments


Fact Monster

Fact Monster's Solstice for Kids

Fact Sheets from the American Cetacean Society

"The Falcon has landed"

Fallacy Files

Famous Canadians

Fantastic Contraption

Fairy tale origins thousands of years old

Fetal Devopment Comparison Chart

The Feynman Lectures on Physics

A Field Guide to Germs


Figure This!

Filming Grizzlies with Gopros In Alaska

Finance Freak

Financial Literacy for Pre-school, Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Financial Literacy For Kids and Teens

Financial Literacy Math Quizzes

Find the Technology - Computer Vocabulary

Finding Points on a Globe from KidsGeo

The Five Elements of a Story

Five Kingdoms of Life for kids


Flags of the World

Flashcard Exchange

Flash Cards

Flight site from NASA

Flipped Classroom


Flu Trends

Fly Over Dwarf Planet Ceres

Flying with geese!

Flying with a vulture!

Foldscope: Microscopy for everyone

Folk Legends of Japan

For Students section of Civil Rights Movement Veterans

Fraction Eaters

Fraction Frenzy from Learning Planet

Fraction to Decimal and Millimeter Table from HamUniverse

Franklin Institute

Frederick Douglass

Free Chemistry Resources

Free Children Stories

Free Coloring

Free Language Arts Curriki Curated Resources!

Free Mathematics Books


Free Rice

FREE Team Stop Signs

Free Worksheets for Kids from K-5 Learning

Frog Leap Test

Frog Life Cycle

Frogland (AllAboutFrogs.org)

From DNA to You - Understanding Genetics

From Sea to Shining Sea

Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia


Fun Kids Online Math Games from Sheppard Software

Fun Logic Games for Kids

Fun Mathematics Lessons by Cynthia Lanius

Fun 'n' games

Fun with Fractions

FunBased Learning


Fund for Teachers



FunSchool Educational Games

FunSchool's Holiday Activities for Kids



GIS Resources

GNUmber Munchers

GNUmber Munchers 2010

GPS Resources

Gall-Peters vs Mercator

Galaxy Size Comparison Chart



Game On! The Ultimate Wellness Challenge

Games for Kids in the Stacks

Games for the Brain

Gardening - Classroom Projects

Gardening - Thematic Explorations Library

Gaze upon all of Mercury for the first time ever

General Chemistry Online!

General, Specialty section of Good Sites for Kids

GeneTiCs Alive!

Generation NEXT

Geocaching With Kids from About



Geography Dictionary & Glossary

Geography Maps : Atlas of Europe and World Atlas

Geography Quiz

Geography Quiz from Learning Planet

Geography Quizzes from JetPunk


Geography For Kids from KidsKnowIt

Geography from Space

Geologic History of Earth



Geology from Windows to the Universe

Geology For Kids from KidsKnowIt

Geometry Teaching Ideas


George Washington Quotes from Notable Quotes.

Germ Hunter

Getting Students Connected


Giant pink slugs

Giant, Tubular Creature Caught On Camera Under The Sea

Giant winged Transylvanian predators could have eaten dinosaurs

Gifts of the buffalo

Gifted Education - A Resource Guide for Teachers

Giggle Poetry

Girl Rising

Girls Not Brides

Glass frogs

Global Neural Network Cloud Service for Breast Cancer.

Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples

Go Social Studies Go

Gold Star Registry

Goldfish Climbing Trees (I Sued the School System)

Goldfish Videos

Gone Fishing

Good Sites for Kids!

Google Earth Resources

Google Streets in the Deep

Grain Valley School District

Grammar by Shmoop

Grammar and Usage for the Non-Expert

Grammar Bytes!

Grammar from Purdue OWL

Grammar Girl

Grammar Girl explains "farther" and "further"

Grammar Gorillas from Funbrain

Grammar Monster

Grammar Practice Park

Grammarly logo

Grammatically Speaking

Grand Canyon from the Stratosphere! A Space Balloon Story

Grand Canyon Street View from Google

Grandview Elementary

Graph 4.3

Graph Sketcher from Interactivate

Graphic Organizers for Personal Narratives

Gravity Wells

Great Horned Owl nest cam from TheRainForestSite Blog.

Great Plains Nature Center Website Index

Great Sites for Homeschooling

Great White Naps for First Time on Camera

The Greater Prairie Chicken Dance of Love

GREECE - ancient art wasn't black & white

Greek Gods and Goddesses

Greek Myths from Kidepede

Greta's Games

Grimm's Fairy Tales from CMU

Growing Beans on Cotton Balls

Guide to Grammar and Writing

A Guide to Writing for College by Veritas Prep

Guidelines for Manners to teach kids

Gunpowder Plot game BBC Guy Fawkes


H.I.P. Pocket Change

HMS Victory

Habitats from BBC Nature

Habitats from the Office of Naval Research, USN


Hadrian's Wall -The Complete Story

Hadrian's Wall from BBC Primary History - Romans

Hadrian's Wall Gallery

Hailey Elementary School

Hailstones and hailstorms

Hall of Mammals

Halloween Math Activities for Kids

Halloween Music & Songs by Preschool Education

Halloween Songs and Activities for Calendar Time

Halloween Songs, Poems, and Fingerplays by Pre-K Fun

Hands On Banking

Hannah's Homework Help Station

Happy Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Happy Thanksgiving Drawings

Harcourt Language Arts preview site

Have Fun Teaching

Health Sites section of Good Sites for Kids

Health and Growth

Health and Medicine



Heart: An Online Exploration

The Helicopter Page

Helping With Horsepower™ Bike Rebuild Program


Here's what to do if you fall into frozen water

High Achiever, Gifted Learner, Creative Thinker

Hillbilly Housewife.

The True Story of "Hidden Figures," the Forgotten Women Who Helped Win the Space Race

Historical Atlas of Europe from Year 1 to 2000

Historical Quotes from KidsKnowIt

History, from Kids' World

The History and Future of Everything -- Time

History of Labor Day

History of life on Earth from the BBC

History of Star Forts

History for Kids!

History Games from KidsKnowIt

History-Social Science Course Models

Hoagies' Gifted Education Page

The Hobbit Literary Analysis Essay

Holiday Games section of Good Sites for Kids

Holiday Insights' Halloween

Home School Legal Defense Association

Home School section of Good Sites for Kids

Homer’s Odyssey Sung In Original Ancient Greek


Homeschool Sites

Homeschool Pinterest by Jennifer Murphy Tieman

Homeschool Skedtrack Best Sites

Homeschooling in Canada Ideas

Homeschooling – Science

Black Hills homeschool community increasingly … – Rapid City Journal

Hooda Math Games section

The Horse

HOT X: Algebra Exposed!

Household Science Projects

hovering ship optical illusion

How an 18th Century Sailing Battleship Worked

How an engine works

How and Why to Teach Your Kids to Code

How canals work

How Covid-19 vaccines work

How Do Airplanes Fly?

How do we smell?

How Inge Lehmann used earthquakes to discover the Earth’s inner core

How Low Can You Go?

How One Brilliant Woman Mapped the Secrets of the Ocean Floor

How playing an instrument benefits your brain

How to build an earthquake proof structure

How To Draw A Realistic Dragonfly

How to Draw and Paint Smart

How to have a Medieval Hairstyle

How to Make a Hoop Glider

How to Teach Your Child Gun Safety

How to Teach Your Child to Wash Dishes

How to Train Your Mind to Think Critically and Form Your Own Opinions

How Tree Rings Reveal Climate Secrets (Infographic)

How Wolves Change Rivers

Hubble's High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy

Human Biology section of KidsKnowIt

Human History of the Colorado Plateau

Hummingbird Babies Birth to Fledging the Nest

Hummingbird Pictures Guide

Hummingbird webcam

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding Drone Views

Humpback Whales in Maui From a Drone

Hunt for the Giant Leech

Hurricanes, Typhoons & Cyclones

Hydrogen Atom


ICT Games

I Am Moving, I Am Learning (IMIL)

"I Have a Dream" speech, text and audio, from American Rhetoric .

"I've Been to the Mountaintop" speech, text and audio, from American Rhetoric .

I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly from Tom's TEFL

I Was Wondering.org

I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate

ISS HD Earth Viewing Experiment

Ice Trade


Iditarod section of Good Sites for Kids


Iditarod Activities and Lesson Plans from The Teachers Corner.

Iditarod Dog Sled Race including The Great Race of Mercy

Iditarod for Teachers

Iditarod Links from Brunswick Jr. High in Brunswick, Maine

Identity by Design (Native American dresses, shawls, beadwork, and other art)

If 3 Little Girls Did This To My House

If you can correctly pronounce every word in this poem...


Imaginon Fun and Games

Imperial History of the Middle East

inch/mm Conversion Chart

Indus Valley from BBC Primary History

Indus Valley from the British Museum

Infared Zoo

Infection Detection Protection

Inflation Calculator

Infographic: Simple Machines

Infographic: Tallest Mountain to Deepest Ocean Trench

Informal Geometry

The ins and outs of using quotation marks in your writing

Insect Image Gallery

Institute for Inquiry

Interactive 3D model of Solar System Planets and Night Sky

Interactive 360 degree map of the heavens

Interactive Clock

Interactive Games

Interactive Math Simulations from PhET

Interactive Periodic Table from ABPI

Interactive Periodic Table of the Elements, in Pictures and Words

Interactive Science Simulations


Interagency Sea Level Rise Scenario Tool

Intermediate Math

International Space Station - Current position of the ISS

International Wolf Center

The Internet Classics Archive

Introductory Physics I from Curriki

Invention at Play

Invention Smithsonian - Centerpieces

Zoom Inventors and Inventions

Inventors' Workshop

Invertebrate Notes

Investigations in Number, Data, and Space®

Isabeau the wolf

Island of the Blue Dolphins (online thematic unit)

"It's a Bit Slippery"

It's My Life from PBS Kids

Ivy's Coloring Pages


J.R.R. Tolkien Reads a Lengthy Excerpt from The Hobbit

J.R.R. Tolkien Reads From The Two Towers

Jack MacKenzie Elementary School hotlist


Jamestown Settlement

Jan Brett Site

Jan Brett Coloring Pages

Japanese pagodas in earthquakes

JASON Project

Jason's Dinosaur Site

Jefferson Lab science education

Jellyfish Facts

Jellyfish stings

Jewel Cave National Monument



Johnnie's Math Page

Johnnie's Story Page

Jon's Homeschool Resources

Josie's Poems

Journal of Emerging Investigators

Journey of Mankind

Journey into Amazonia

Journey Museum


Juneau Humpback Whale Catalog

Junior High Egg Drop Contest

Junior Wolfwatcher

Jupiter in motion

Just Math Tutorials

Just Say No


K12 Academics



KOTA Weather

KS1 Bitesize Numeracy

KS2 Bitesize Numeracy

KS3 Bitesize Maths

Kaboose Christmas Games

Do kangaroos have belly buttons?

Kathi Mitchell's Civil War links

Kathi Mitchell's Social Studies links

Kathi Mitchell's Virtual School

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Kea Coloring Book

Keeping Healthy

Kelenken terror birds

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds

Keyboarding Zoo

Khan Academy

Kid Cartoonists


Kidepedia History

Kidepedia Science

Kids Activities from allkids

Kids' Arts & Crafts [Valentine's Day]

Kids Can Learn - DIY 101

Kids Guide to Understanding Banking

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Marie Curie and the Science of Radioactivity

CDR Mary Sears, USN Commander Mary Sears USN site
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Mars Curiosity Descent - Ultra HD 30fps Smooth-Motion

Mars Flyover

Mars for Kids

Mars Orbiter Mission of the Indian Space Research Organisation

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Mayan Civilization for Kids


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Medieval remedy for modern day superbug

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Meet Jonathan, The 187-Year-Old Tortoise
Photographed In 1886 And Today

Meet the Math Professor Who’s Fighting Gerrymandering With Geometry

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Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary Online

Merrillville Community Schools

Merry-Christmas online games

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Metric Conversions

Metric Measurement: Capacity

Metric Measurement: Length

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Mother Raccoon teaches kit how to climb a tree

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Nine 8 Planets Just for Kids, The


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Nudibranchs: Snails of the Sea

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Oglala culture site

Oglala Lakota College

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Oh, My Dots

Oil Refineries from Moorland School

Oklo, the Two Billion Year Old Nuclear Reactor

The Old Man and the Grandson - Intermediate Level Reading Comprehension

Old Color Photos of Native Americans

Old Norse Map of the Viking World

Oldest Human Skeleton in the Americas

Oldest woven basket in the world found in Israel,
dates back 10,500 years


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Origin of MRSA

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OZ Fossils, The Age of Reptiles


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(The) Paleontology Portal

Palmetto Power Program

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Panda Cam from the San Diego Zoo

Panda Videos


Panwapa - Where Kids Shape the World.

Paragraph Shrinking

Paragraph Writing in First Grade

Parentheses, Braces, and Brackets in Math

Parent's Guide to Children’s Mental Health Services in South Dakota

Particle Adventure - The Fundamentals of Matter and Force

Pascal Cleatus Poolaw, Sr

Pearl Harbor Lesson Plans

Penguin Cam

Penguin tongue!

Pennington County Web Page

Periodic Table of Elements from Corrosion Source

Periodic Table of Elements from dyah.com

Periodic Table of the Elements from Enchanted Learning

Periodic Table of Videos

Permian Monsters: Life before the Dinosaurs

Perseid Meteor Shower of 2016

Personal Health from Brainpop.

Pete's PowerPoint Station

Pete's Presentations

Phoenicia and Syria: the invention of the blow pipe in the glass making

Phoenician reference, myth and history


Phoenix Mars Mission

Phonics from Sadlier-Oxford Educational Publishing

Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements

Photos from Perseverance's mission to Mars

Photopic Sky Survey

Physical Constants for Fire Investigators

Physical Education Lesson Ideas from PE Central

Physics from Windows to the Universe

Physics 4 Kids!

Pi Day

Celebrate Pi Day with NCTM

Pictures from Mars - Phoenix Mission

Pierre: A Cautionary Tale in Five Chapters and a Prologue

Pirates in the classroom

Pigments through the Ages

Pirates for Kids


Place the Penguin

Place Value Games from Family Learning

place value math song: ones, tens, hundreds

Place Value Pirates from Mr. Nussbaum.com

Place Value to Thousands from Toon University.

Plagiarism - The Ultimate Plagiarism Resource

Plagiarism Checker

Plains Milky Way

Planet Dinosaur #1

Planet Dinosaur #2

Planets of the Solar System

Planets for Kids

Plankton Chronicles

Planning Playtime

Plants for Kids

Plants: From Seed To Flower


Play To Learn

Plotting Points on a Coordinate System

Plural Girls

Pocantico Hills Central School

Pocket Change from HoodaMath

Poetry Lesson Plans

Poetry Through the Ages

Poisson Rouge

Polar Bear Wrecks Spy Camera

Pond Life Identification Kit

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Portuguese Man O' War

The Pottery Page

Practical Math Shortcuts For Everyday Life

Prehistoric European Cave Artists Were Female

Prelude to Gallipoli - Naval Bombardment of the Dardanelles I

Preschool Halloween Songs and Music

Prewriting about "The Hunger Games"

Primary Documents in American History

PrimaryGames.com - The Fun Place to Learn!

Printable Fact Triangles

Printing with Cardboard Shape Tubes


Probability - Play

Probability Simulations

Problem Solving Activity: Volcanoes and Climate Change

Project FLOW

Project Gutenberg


Pronghorn – The American Almost Antelope

Proton Don

Public Speaking Five units/activities from Curriki.

Puffin Cam from explore.org


Pups of Liberty: The Boston Tea-Bone Party

Pups of Liberty: The Dog-claration of Independence

Purple Picture Books

Pythagoras Theorem


Qin Shi Huang , the First Emperor of China



Quick Key Turns Your iPhone Into a Scanner



Quotation Marks Quiz



Rachel Carson


Radio Garden

Rainbow Jar

Rainbow Milkweed Locust: A Real Toxic Beauty

Rameses: Wrath of God, or Man?

Rapid City and Black Hills Convention and Visitors Bureau

Rapid City School District

Rapid City Journal

Rats from Learning Planet

Reaching Teachers

Read Alouds section of Good Sites for Kids

Reading a Map

Reading Rockets

Ready Set Learn!

Reasonable Temperature


Red List of Threatened Species

Red Wolf Den Cam from Wolf Conservation Center.

Resources For Parents


Rhetological Fallacies from Information is Beautiful.

Rich Kid Smart Kid

The Richest Black Girl in America

Riding the Winds with Kalani - A Weather Adventure


Rock Cycle from the Utah Geologic Survey

Rocks for Kids

The Roman Empire from Quora

Roman Empire Animated Map

Roman Numerals

Roman Villa (new url)

Roman Villa models from Armada Model Designs

The Romans

Romans in Britain

Romans in Scotland

Rome - Mr. Carlton's Rome Unit

Rome Reborn

Rome's Imperial Port

Room 108

Room for everyone: Black Hills homeschool community
increasingly … – Rapid City Journal

Root Words Quiz


Rosalind Franklin Pioneer Molecular Biologist

Rosalind Franklin: DNA's unsung hero

Rosetta Stone

Roxie's ABC Fish

The Royal Residence at Tissø in the Viking Age

Ruby Bridges

Ryder's Day at the Dog Park


S5 0014+81, The largest known supermassive black hole compared to our solar system


SFS Kids



St. Patrick's Day Activities from Squigly's Playhouse

St. Patrick's Day Craft Party!

St. Patrick's Day Games from A Kid's Heart.

St. Patrick's Day Games from Alphabet Soup.

St. Patrick's Day Games from Primary Games.

Safe Food Handling

Sample Plan of a Roman House

Sampler of Mathematics for gr9-10/ 14-16yr

Sampler of Social Studies for gr6-8/11-13yr

San Diego Zoo Animal Bytes

San Diego Zoo Kids

Santa Claus Animation Station

Santa Claus at claus.com

Santa Cruz Island Fox

Saturn Hexagon

Savage Earth

Save the Princess

Saxon Homeschool

Saxon Math - Basic Facts Practice

Scaffolding Literacy A Practical Demonstration

The Scale of the Universe 2

Scaly-foot snail

Spooky Scary Skeleton Coloring Pages for Kids and Adults

Scavenger Hunts for Kids

Scholastic's Iditarod

School Sites section of Good Sites for Kids

School of Mines and Technology

Schoolhouse Rock- Electricity, Electricity

scissor exercises for children

Dr. Mary H. Schweitzer, Phd

Sci4Kids: stories about bugs

Sci4Kids: stories about plants

Science and Technology Focus from the Office of Naval Research, USN.

Science Sites section of Good Sites for Kids


Science for Kids

Science Kids Fun - Science and Technology for Kids!

Science News for Students

Science: It's A Girl Thing | Facebook

Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games

Scientific Method

SCORE History/Social Science




Scrub Club!

Sea Lion Crittercam

Sea Monster Facts

Sea Monster Game

Sea Sapphire

Seafloor Spreading

Seashell Rounding Activity Page from Jan Brett

Sebran's ABC

Secondary School Literature

Secrets Of The Universe

Secular Homeschool

See Microbes with this DIY Phone Microscope

The Seed Site for Teachers and The Seed Site for Kids

Semicolon Wars

Sesame Street

Seterra - Learn Geography

Setting the Periodic Table


Shakespeare Uncovered

Shark - Who's Who of Sharks

Shark Attack - How to Avoid being attacked

Shark Facts

Shark School

The Shark Side of Life

Shark Tracker

Shark Word Search

SHARKS from the Smithsonian

Zoom Sharks

Sharp Tailed Grouse Mating Dance

Shedd Educational Adventures

Sheppard's Science Resources

Ships & Aircraft of the Battle of Midway

Short Stories from British Council

Should a person touch 200,000 volts?

Sid Lapidus '59 Collection on Liberty and the American Revolution from the Princeton University Digital Library.

Sight Words from Quiz-Tree

Signing Savvy


Similes and metaphors

A simple guide to dinosaur classification

Simple Machines from COSI

Simple Machines from Edheads

Simple Machines from Kidepede

Simple Machines web page from Kennesaw State University

Simple Machines Spotlight


Sing along - Sugarplum Mary


Sites for Teachers

Sites for Teachers and Parents


Skara Brae log - BBC Scotland


Six myths about vaccination – and why they’re wrong

Sizing Up Sharks, the Lords of the Sea

Sizing up the Kuiper belt

Skeletal System

Skip Counting from Math is Fun


Sky Marvels

Sky Watching Event Guide For 2015


Sled Dog Central

Sleep for Kids


Slope Formula Style

Slope Music Video

Smart Kit School-Safe Puzzle Games


Smiley Clock

Smoking and oral health

Snake Moth

Snail biology

Snaith Primary School

Snapdragon - Tell the Time

Snow Leopards for Kids

Social Studies section of Good Sites for Kids

Social Science web pages

Social Skills for Middle School Students

Socratic Method: Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling


Solar System from Cookie

Solar System 2.03

Solar System Facts

Soldering Basics and "The Ten Commandments" For Electronic Soldering

Fact Monster's Solstice for Kids

Songs from British Council.

Songs for Teaching

Soup Toys

South Dakota Air and Space Museum

South Dakota History

Southwest Florida Eagle Cam

Southwood Elementary School links

Space.com Logo



Space Facts

Space Science

Spacey Math from Learning Planet

Spanish Armada ship found off Irish coast

Speeches For Kids

Spelling and Vocabulary

Spelling it Right

Spelling Match


Sperm Whales

Spider Web Fine Motor Activity


Spike's Game Zone

Sports for Kids section of Good Sites for Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids


Starfish mouthbrooders

Star Size Comparison HD




Starship English

Starship Maths

State and County QuickFacts

States of Matter

Stellar Evolution



STEMware: Zombie Plague

Stock the Shelves from Mr. Nussbaum.com

Stone Age Art Caves May Have Been Concert Halls

Storm of June 16, 2015

The Story of Banks

Story of Drinking Water

Storytelling Arc, FREE Handout

STROMATOLITES: Discovering the Oldest Fossils on Earth

Study Skills for Students from Education corner®

Stunning 3D Animations Showcase The Internal Layout Of The Roman Domus (House)

Strange Matter

Stonehenge Panorama

Stop Bullying Now!

Storyline Online

Strange plants of Socotra Island

Stream Biology and Ecology

String Wave Simulation

Student Resources and Teacher Resources , North Bennington Graded School

Students' Homepage and Student Resources Online from School District 91

Study Guides and Strategies

Study Skills Guides for College Students

Stunning Aurora Borealis from Space in Ultra-High Definition (4K)


Sugar Stacks - How Much Sugar Is in That?


Sumer is icumen in, Lhude sing cuccu!

Sun Safety Alliance


Sunstones! - Shipwreck Discovery May be Fabled Sunstone

Super Coloring


Supermoon Biggest in 70 Years

Jaw-dropping Photographs Capture the Sublime Power of Superstorms

SuperKids Educational Software Reviews


Surfaquarium Iditarod

Surfing Scientist

Suriname toad

Swimming for Kids from A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling

Swine Flu

Switcheroo Zoo

Sybil Ludington

Sylvia's Super Awesome Maker Show!

Symmetry and Tessellations Activity Links



Tables of Multiplication

Takachiho Gorge

Talented and Gifted - The Best Resources for Parents & Educators

Tamiasciurus hodsonicus
American red squirrel

Tarantula, Giant of the Spider World

Target® Iditarod Teacher on the Trail™


Taxonomy of Logical Fallacies from The Fallacy Files

Teach, Learn, Repeat

Teach Ocean Science

Teacher Helpers:K-12 Lessons and Activities from the Mineral Information Institute.

Teacher Resources and Student Resources, North Bennington Graded School

Teachers and Parents section of Good Sites for Kids

Teachers Pay Teachers


Teaching Channel

Teaching Children About Money

Teaching Divergent: YA Lit Ideas and Research Projects

Teaching Evolution: Understanding Evolution for Teachers

Teaching Ideas

Teaching Ideas for Primary Teachers

Teaching Older Children and Youth About Trees

Teaching Time - Teaching Tools

Teaching With Documents: Lesson Plans

Teaching Writing from the National Writing Project

Teaching Your Child




Technology section of Good Sites for Kids

Technology from Extreme Science

Technology and Social Science from SCORE History/Social Science

Teen Ink


Teeth and Eating

Telling Time section of Good Sites for Kids

Tellin' Time

Telling Time in Words and Digits from Harcourt

Temple of Karnak Great Hypostyle Hall Project

Ten tips for circletime in the preschool classroom

Termites: Guardians of the Soil

Test Quest

Thanksgiving Day printables

That Quiz

The Adventures of Herman

The Bishops School

The Central Importance of Play

The Civil War for Kids


The Eiditarod Project

The Eyes Have It

The Franklin Institute

The Heart: An Online Exploration

The Hobbit Literary Analysis Essay

The Ice Trade

The World's Deadliest Animal: The Mosquito

The Music Room

The new face of underage drinking: teenage girls

The Nine Planets

The Romans

The Secrets Of The Universe

The Socratic Method: Teaching by Asking Instead of by Telling

The Story of Banks

The sacred 'sisters' of ancient America

The Universe

The Weather Channel Kids!

Theory vs. Hypothesis vs. Law… Explained!

Thermae Maiores

Thermal Comfort observations

They used Science


This is the Most Detailed Map of the Universe to Date

This 15-Year-Old Kid May Have Just Saved Your Life

This is what happens when you write a check

Tie your shoe

Tiger Shark feeding frenzy


Time-Lapse: Mesmerizing "Stormscapes" Dominate Skies


Time Travel (telling time)

Time Tutorial from Kids' Online Resources

Time Zone "What Is the Time Now?" from Turtle Diary

Timelapse: Braces Straightening Teeth

Timeline of Life's Evolution


Timez Attack


Titanic virtual dive!

To Build a Fire by Jack London

Tomb of Sennefer

Tony Fraction's Pizza Shop from Mr. Nussbaum.com

Top 10 Easter Crafts for Kids

Top 10 Ways to Remember the ABCs

Total Solar Eclipse of April 8, 2024


Touchstone Energy Kids Zone

Tradesmen in Colonial America

trail cam pics

Trail Cam:
Pronghorns crawling under a fence

Train Time

Traitors, Seamstresses, and Generals: Voices of the American Revolution

Treaty of Kadesh in English

Tree of Life from The Open University

Trigonometry Pile Up!



Tumblebook Library

Turkey Facts

Turtle Diary

Tux Paint

Twelve Famous Female Chemists

Twisty Noodle

Two Awesome Visuals on ADHD for Teachers

Two lynx arguing in the middle of a road



UDF SkyWalker

The UK's highest chalk sea cliff

Ultimate History Quiz

Ultimate Iditarod for Kids & Teachers

Understanding Evolution

Undoing School from Fractal Enlightenment

United Sioux Tribes

United States Black History Month Coloring Pages

Universe, The

Universe Epic Zoom Out

University of Arizona Outreach: Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life.

The Unsung Heroes Who Ended a Deadly Plague

Untangling the web: how spiders use their silk

Upper Canada


USS Constitution

U.S. Constitution for kids

US Orienteering Federation

U.S. Presidents

US Presidents List

Using Graphic Novels in the Classroom A Guide for Teachers and Librarians

Using Live Insects in Elementary Classrooms for Early Lessons in Life

UT Literature Center: Great Books for Kids to Read during Holiday Season

Utah's Dinosaur Record from the Utah Geologic Survey


Vaccines: Are they Dangerous?

vaccinate your baby

Vaccines Work, Here Are the Facts

Valentine's Day Candy Puzzle

Valentine's Day Crafts from Activity Village

Valentine's Day Games from Apples 4 the Teacher

Valentine's Day Games from Funschool

Valentine's Day Games from Primary Games

Valley View Elementary School Hot Links

Vancouver Aquarium See and Learn

Venn Diagrams - NLVM from Utah State University


Vesuvius - Letters of Pliny the Younger to the Historian Tacitus

Vicki Blackwell

Victorian Britain

Video Lessons about Cells

Viking Age History from Hurstwic

Viking Sword Discovered in Norway

Viking Sword from the High Mountains of Norway

Vikings BBC site for kids

Vikings Who Were the Vikings? PBS site

Visit with Respect

Visual Elements Periodic Table

Virtual Dinosaur Dig

Virtual Egypt

The Virtual Microscope

Virtual Electron Microscope

Virtual Frog Dissection Kit

Virtual hip replacement surgery

Virtual Kimono

Virtual knee replacement surgery

Virtual Nerd

Virtual Owl Pellet Dissection

Virtual Roach

Virtual Shamisen

Virtual Sperm Whale CritterCam Game

VIRTUAL TOUR: Inside Chauvet Cave

Visible Earth

Visual Fractions

Visual Merriam-Webster Dictionary Online

Vocabulary worksheet puzzle makers

Vocabulary Workshop Online from Sadlier-Oxford Educational Publishing.


Volcano World

Problem Solving Activity: Volcanoes and Climate Change


WSSA - World Sport Stacking Association

Wacky Web Tales

Walking stick insects!

Walking Water Science Experiment for Kids

Walking with Beasts

Walking with Dinosaurs

War of 1812 - Real People's History

Waste in Space

Watch a pelican flying with a camera on his beak

Watch 3D Animated Versions Of Solomon’s Temple Version 2 Version 3

Watch Paper Ships and Vikings Set Sail on a Stop Motion Adventure

Water Bears

Water Cycle .pdf booklet for kids

Water Cycle in an easy to understand graphic!

Waterford Games & Activities


We Choose The Moon

We Critters

Weather Channel Kids!

Weather Sites section of Good Sites for Kids

Weather Questions

Web English Teacher

Web Word Find

Web Worksheet Wizard

Webcams at SANParks

WebElements The Periodic Table on the Web

Webkinz Town

Webster's Online Dictionary 

Weird Fish Marine Reserve

Welcome to the Planets

What childhood was like before labor laws

What Is Gerrymandering?

What is the structure of Plant and Animal Cells?

What Shakespeare Sounded Like to Shakespeare

What Time Is It Around The World Right Now?

Watch the United States Grow

Whack a Mole

Whale Lice

The Whale Trail

What Are Count and Noncount Nouns?

What Bird

What Dinosaur Are You?

What goes on when you are not there!

What If There Were No Sharks?

What Is Fracking?

What's my latitude and longitude?

What's Next for NASA: Planned Missions Through 2030

What's the big deal with carbon?

What on Earth is Plate Tectonics?

What things cost in Ancient Rome

What time is it? from Primary Games

What to eat to keep your teeth

Whatcom Community College Online Math Center

Where do I live?

Where is Japan?

Where The Wild Things Are

Where Your Food Comes From

Which Marauding Barbarian Horde are you?

White House Kids' Page

Who Invented the Alphabet?

Who Were The Celts?

Who's Who in Greek Mythology


Why Do Corals Glow in the Dark?

Why Do Some Living Things Glow in the Dark?

Why Homeschool

Why is Morse Code Still Used?

Why Vaccinate?

Why You Are Still Alive - The Immune System Explained

Why Your Child Can't Skip Their 20 Minutes of Reading Tonight



Wild Horses of Shackelford Banks

Wild Whales bc cetacean sightings network

Wildlife Profiles and Information from Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Wind Cave National Park

wind map

Windows to the Universe

Winged Sandals

Wings for Kids

Winnemucca Petroglyphs

Wisdom Teeth

Wizard of Alderley Edge

Wolf Conservation Center Live Webcams

Wolf Cubs Howling at James Bay

Wolf Haven International


Wolf Sanctuary

Women in Science - A Selection of 16 Significant Contributors

Women Who Changed America

Women Scientists of Antiquity

Our own Women's History section

Women's Suffrage

Wonderopolis - Where the Wonders Never Cease

Wonders of the Sea

Word Builder

Word Girl


World Atlas quizzes

World Biomes

The World Clock – Time Zones

World of Tales

World War 2 from BBC Primary History

World War II - The Home Front

World's "Earliest-Known Temple" Built
11,500 Years Ago
With Geometry in Mind

World's First Fluorescent Frog Discovered In The Amazon

The world's largest ancient mosaic

World's Oldest Complaint Letter

The WriteAtHome Blog


Writing Prompts

Writing With a Difference


YYasuke, the Black Samurai

A Year of Reading the World- The list

The Year’s Best Art and Creativity Books for Kids

Yorkshire dialect

Yorktown Victory Center

You Don't Know Jack

You Really Can’t Imagine How Deep The Ocean Is

Your Age on Other Worlds

Your Place in the Universe

Your Weight On Other Worlds

Youth and Family Services

Yukon Quest

Yukon Quest Pinterest page

Yukon Quest Student Challenge


Zebra Keys

Zeus' Petals

Zoom Astronomy

Zoom Birds

Zoom Butterflies

Zoom Dinosaurs

Zoom Inventors and Inventions

Zoom Sharks



Zuma’s Paw Prints

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