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This is our always changing list of recently added sites, plus the
occasional oldie. Generally, sites get added on the top and
eventually get taken off the bott


Passage Tombs We have a lot of links to sites featuring passage
tombs/passage graves like Newgrange in Ireland and Wayland's
in England. This link from Ireland is a good explanation
of what makes a burial site a passage grave.

Gavrinis is a big passage tomb in Brittany, France.

"Gavrinis (Breton: Gavriniz) is a small island in the
Gulf of Morbihan in Brittany, France. It contains the Gavrinis
tomb, a Neolithic passage tomb built around 4200–4000 BC,
making it one of the world's oldest surviving buildings. Stones
inside the passage and chamber are covered in megalithic art.
It is likened to other Neolithic passage tombs such as
Barnenez in Brittany and Newgrange in Ireland." - Wikipedia

Going in Ancient History and Archaeology
and Art



Armadillos Fun facts about the 21 different species.
Armadillo Species video. From the Pink Fairy Armadillo
to the Giant Armadillo to the Screaming Hairy Armadillo
(really its name) and 18 more. Enjoy!

Going in Animals



Going in Earth Science


An albino doe and her very leggy fawn

Going in Animals


Going in Living Things



Going in History


8 Ways a Child’s Anxiety Can Show Up as Something Else

Going in Health and Life Skills



What are stomata?

What are stomata and what's their function?
2 minute YouTube video explains stomata
functions in simple terms.

This is how a plant breathes.
A highly magnified video of single stoma
opening and closing on a leaf of a plant.

Going in Living Things


Going in New Readers



Learning Zone

Welcome to the Learning Zone

"Created by Oxford University Museum of Natural History, this site teaches you all about the natural world.

It's designed for kids and teachers to offer information, resources, and activities on topics including fossils, rocks, and living things."

The site is organized by subjects and by age level. Rather than list what is listed on their pages, we encourage you to visit them.


Horseshoe Crabs - Our Blue-blood friends

The Atlantic horseshoe crab (Limulus polyphemus)

Wikipedia article

Horseshoe crab facts for kids

Horseshoe Crabs from activewild


Good crab pic with dorsal & ventral views
one of many from Exploring Nature

Going in Animals



Cicadas! - The Great Emergence of 2024


Cicadas: The Loudest Bugs in the World! |
Biology for Kids | SciShow Kids
4:17 video

Smithsonian 3 min video

BBC 5:17 video

Cicadas: The dormant army beneath
TED 2:45 video

Going in Animals


Roman cavalry mask, recovered from the site of the
battle near Kalkriese, (Battle of the Teutoburg Forest )
in the early 1st century AD - 9 AD.
Photo via Museum und Park Kalkriese.⁣

Going in Ancient History and Archaeology
and Art



Scandinavian rock carvings from Bardal in
Beitstad (Norway).


Right over the border in Sweden:

Swedish Bronze Age rock carvings.
These are 3,000 years old.
"There are at least 1500 sites with these rock
carvings across the Northern Bohuslän region
of Sweden, each site with hundreds or
thousands of images."

Various images of the carvings

3.000 years ago, this area was one nation
and one culture.

Going in Ancient History and Archaeology
and Art



Hi, kids! I'm Dakota! I am one of the Brittanies here at
Good Sites for Kids! I'm a retired hunter and a mama.
My fur-sister Lily and I are American Brittanies, both
rescues, and both South Dakota natives. When we're not
helping out on the site, we patrol the property,
chase rabbits and squirrels, say hi to the kids at the school
playground and the dogs next door, rack out on our doggie
beds, beg for treats, and hang out with our humans!
American Brittany Rescue (Lily) National Brittany Rescue (Kodie)


dogs looking out the window

Younger or older, students always like to see new "sites"!

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